Rodeado de boscosa vegetación, La Reserva Forestal Gamboa, se encuentra junto al río Chagres.

Las habitaciones son espaciosas y cuentan con Wi‑Fi gratis, televisión de pantalla plana, cafetera y balcón con vistas al río o a la vegetación. 

El resort dispone de un teleférico de pago que atraviesa la selva. Ofrece actividades como paseos en barca, pesca, observación de aves, entre otras amenidades.

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Enjoy the best activities in Panama.

Encompassing 55,000 acres on the shores of the Panama Canal, Soberanía National Park is just moments from Gamboa Rainforest Resort, offering eco-adventurers a magnificent range of activities and natural attractions to explore.

Our staff will provide you with an extraordinary rainforest adventure. We are available to make recommendations on things to do and to assist with arranging all tours, activities and excursions.



Discover the roots of Embera and Wuanaan ethnic groups,
two of the indigenous people who inhabit the isthmus of
Panama, on the banks of the Chagres River.

Just minutes
away are the communities Ella Puru and Katuma, whose
inhabitants will warmly welcome you, explain about their
customs, lifestyle and culture, and give you a tour of the
trails where their ancestors hunted.
Duration: 3 hours | Level of Difficulty: Moderate | What to
bring: Comfortable clothing, walking shoes, insect
repellent, water and camera.


Hiking along the trails is easy. Large tropical trees, monkeys
in their branches, much wildlife is evident, so bring your
camera. Depending on the time of day and the season you
may be fortunate to meet some of the capybaras, agoutis
and iguanas that run freely between the leaves.
Duration: 20 minutes to 1 hour | Level of Difficulty: Easy to
Moderate | What to bring: Hiking shoes, comfortable
clothing, sunblock, water.


Got its name in the 1940’s as the Allies carved out this trail
from the wilderness to accommodate a petroleum pipeline
that was never finished. Today it is famous for hosting over
350 species of birds and is a favorite of the Audubon Society
members. Here you are guaranteed to connect with nature
and from the depths of the rainforest, you will discover its
best-kept secrets on its 17 kilometers long: butterf lies,
amphibians, monkeys and dozens of other wild creatures.
Duration: 3 hours | Level of Difficulty: Moderate to heavy
| What to bring: Comfortable clothing, hiking shoes,
binoculars, water, insect repellent, and camera.
*Does not include $5.00 park fee.


A veritable ¨Birders Heaven¨, Panama offers some of the
best bird watching in the world and is home to nearly 1,000
species of birds. This beautiful and very accessible country
offers a great diversity of neotropical bird species. Excellent
bird and animal watching locations can be easily accessed
and a difficult and arduous hike is not necessary to find the
animals. Choose from any of our three options for Birding
tours: along the Pipeline Rd., in the Gamboa Resort Grounds
or by boat in the Chagres River and Gatun Lake.
Duration: depending on the tour Level of Difficulty: easy
to moderate | What to bring: Comfortable clothing, camera,
binoculars, sunblock, insect repellent.


Begin the visit at the first Panama’s Sloth Sanctuary where
you will learn about the Conservation Program run by the
Pan American Conservation Association for this species. If
you are an enthusiast of the tropical rainforest f lora and
fauna, end the visit with various living laboratories where
you can appreciate more than 15 species of butterf lies, take
a look at our curious Frog Pond and learn about native
Duration: 1.5 hours | Level of Difficulty: easy | What to
bring: Comfortable cloth and shoes, sunblock, water, and


Step aboard our “Chiva” truck for a safari-style ride around
the resort as a naturalist guide explains the nocturnal
inhabitants and activities of the rainforest. This activity is
complimentary with your stay.
Time: one hour
Level of difficulty: easy to moderate


This cruise offers a unique perspective of wildlife, a journey
of 600 meters aboard a gondola that rises above the
rainforest to appreciating view points otherwise
unachievable on the ground. At a height almost touching the
treetops you will have the possibility to see a wide variety of
birds that nest there, sloths, and several species of
Observation Tower
At the end of the Aerial Tram tour, you will find an
impressive 30-meter high observation tower made with
ramps for easy wheelchair access. From the top, you can
appreciate the privileged 360º-view of the Soberania
National Park, the Embera indigenous communities nearby,
and the famous intersection where the Chagres River feeds
the Panama Canal and subsequently filling the Gatun Lake
to ensure the passage of ships.
Duration: 90 minutes
Level of Difficulty: easy to moderate
What to bring: Comfortable cloth and shoes, insect
repellent, water and camera.


If you consider yourself an adventurer looking for a
wonderful memory, this boat journey into the heart of Lake
Gatun, the world’s second-largest artificial lake, will be one
of your favorites. In a tour that combines history and
ecology, you will navigate through the Panama Canal to
hidden islands where should conditions be favorable, you
will see families of capuchin, howler and white-face
Duration: 1 hour | Level of Difficulty: Easy | What to bring:
Sunglasses, sunblock, water, and camera.


According to local legends, native language in Panama
means “abundance of fish and butterf lies”, so you will not
want to miss the opportunity to fish on its waters. The
Gamboa Tarpon Club, strategically located at the point
where the Chagres River connects Lake Gatun, is recognized
for organizing fishing expeditions tailored to the Panama
Canal, allowing you to choose between quiet locations in the
middle of the rainforest and sectors where the passage of
the giant ships passing through the waterway is
appreciated. This lush area is home to species like the
Sergeant, tarpon, snook, among others.
This tour includes: Tackle, bait, rods, snacks and
Duration: 3 or 6 hours.
Level of difficulty: Easy to Moderate
What to bring: Sunblock, hat, camera


This ride is an entertaining way to quickly learn many of the
features of the Chagres River, one of the most important in
the country, because it feeds the artificial lakes that allow
the passage of ships through the Panama Canal. Its banks
are central to the local ecosystem, harboring lush trees and
beautiful f lowers, hundreds of species of animals, insects
and various indigenous communities of different ethnicities.
Duration: 40 minutes
Level of Difficulty: Easy
What to bring: Comfortable clothing, sunglasses, sunblock,
and camera.



Indulge in the calm offered by the tropical forest at night
and, by the ref lection of the moon on the Chagres River,
navigate through calm waters in search of birds and
nocturnal animals. With the help of ref lectors and
f lashlights, our guide will point out the places where
caimans and crocodiles of all sizes usually hunt their prey. If
you’re lucky you can see their eyes shine with the ref lection
of the headlights and follow them as they swim down the
Duration: 1 hour
Level of Difficulty: easy to moderate
What to bring: Comfortable clothing, insect repellent and
f lashlight.



The earthen colors of the sunset on the Chagres River will
provide an unforgettable closing to your day in the
Rainforest. Here you will awaken your senses as you
smoothly enter the tributary that feeds water to the Panama
Canal, and which is home to many plants, animals and some
indigenous communities. As the sun goes down, the pleasant
golden light will allow you to witness the evening ritual of
some of the many birds that nest in nearby trees and at that
time go down in search for food. If you are lucky, you may
find some sloths or agoutis looking for their lair before
Duration: 1 hour
Level of Difficulty: easy
What to bring: comfortable clothing, repellent, camera.


Our Sensory Spa is a place where spiritual and physical
wellbeing take center stage. We invite you to relax and
enjoy a wide variety of spa options in refined and wellappointed
atmospheres. In addition to five private
treatment rooms, spa amenities include a fitness center,
sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi and a beauty salon. We can
also arrange for a boat ride with a massage for two on the
Chagres River.
For more information about the Spa, please email or phone
(507) 314-5014. View our Spa menu by clicking here.
Spa Appointments
For the best results, we suggest you arrive 20 to 30 minutes
before your appointment in order to use the wet areas and
be well prepared for your treatment.